HighPark Nail Bar | Top 1 Salon for people in Wake Forest, NC 27587

Bar Menu

❖ Mimosas: Maschio Prosecco and Orange Juice ($9)
❖ Martini: Gin or Vodka, Vermouth ($9)
❖ Pineapple Rum Punch: Rum, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Grenadine, and Fresh Lime Juice ($9)
❖ Classic Cosmopolitan: Vodka, Triple Sec, and Cranberry juice ($9)
❖ Cranberry Gimlet: Bombay Gin, Cranberry Juice, and Fresh Lime Juice ($10)
❖ Sex on the beach: Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice ($10)
❖ Kamikaze: Vodka, Triple Sec, and Fresh Lime Juice ($10)
❖ Patron and Pineapple: Patron, Pineapple Juice, and Triple Sec ($10)
❖ Tequila Sunrise: Tequila, Orange Juice, and Grenadine ($10)
❖ Texas Tequila: Patron, Peach Schnapps, Ginger Ale, and Cranberry Juice ($10)
❖ Mojito: Rum, Lime Juice, Mint, and Club soda ($12)
❖Classic Whiskey Highball: Whiskey, Club Soda or Ginger Ale, Fresh Lime ($12)
❖John Collins: Bourbon, Fresh Lime, Simple Syrup, Club Soda ($12)

6oz ($8) 9oz ($11)
Proverb Sauvignon Blanc
Cabernet Sauvignon
❖ Montevina Red Blend
❖ Pinot Grigio

❖ Mondavi Chardonnay
❖ Maschio Prosecco $11
❖ Yes Way Rosé $10

Soda & Water complementary